Fast facts

Strain Types Sativa Characteristics: Induces a “mind” high — euphoric, energetic, creative, alert, cheerful; best for daytime use Uses: Treating mental health disorders, chronic pain, nausea, glaucoma/intraocular disorders, HIV/AIDS, headaches migraines Negatives: Can cause anxiety, particularly in those already suffering from anxiety disorders Indica Characteristics: Induces a “body” high — relaxed, calm, mellow, sleepy, carefree; […]

Clean eats

Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs educates cannabis consumers on cooking with cannabis at home. Tony Freitas started Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs as an educational and private chef service to teach patients how to incorporate cannabis into their nutritional plans, a personal mission for Freitas. He has used it to create customized healing protocols for his chronic […]

Baked greens

Monica Green explains how The Green’s Bakery came to be and shares her chocolate chip cookie recipe with Extract. Years before she began calling herself “The Green Queen” and founded the bakery that bears her name, Monica Green perfected her barbeque recipes. Green has owned Gary Glenn’s BBQ in southeast Oklahoma City since 2011. But she started […]

Greener greens

Guyutes chef Matt Pryor and owner Jarrod Friedel use cannabis-infused honey to make salad dressing. Spring has sprung, and the warmer temperatures pair nicely with cool greens. This season, that salad can be extra relaxing with the right dressing. Extract teamed up with the chefs at Guyutes, 730 NW 23rd St., to offer some infused dishes off […]

Pediatric cannabis

A local teenager found relief from seizures through THC, but only after a long legal process. Tammy Searcy is a medical cannabis advocate and mother of five. Her daughter, Brianna, has a severe form of epilepsy that causes her to have frequent seizures. The Searcy family has visited a number of doctors throughout Brianna’s life […]