Concerning safety

House Bill 2612, passed by the Oklahoma Legislature this session, allows for a broad range of professions to be considered “safety-sensitive” exceptions to medical cannabis use. Since over half a million Oklahoma voters approved the passage of Oklahoma State Question 788 (SQ788), its opponents have quickly shifted their attention toward the restraint of its most progressive features. House Bill […]

Branding cannabis

Extract’s legal analyst offers guidance on how to protect your most valuable asset — your brand. On June 26, Oklahoma celebrated the one-year anniversary of the passage of State Question 788, which legalized medical cannabis. During the first year, thousands of operators obtained licenses and opened their doors for business. If you are a participant […]

Budding equality

Oklahoma can set the standard for women’s opportunities in the cannabis industry.   Nearly a year after Oklahoma voters approved the most business-friendly medical cannabis initiative in the country, one of the reddest states in the nation continues to astonish. But what does this mean for Oklahoma’s female consumers and entrepreneurs? With patient count numbers […]

Opening doors

Know the legal terrain before starting a medical cannabis business. As recently as last year, if you were growing or selling pot in Oklahoma, you only had need for one legal service: criminal defense. Today, medical cannabis is a legal, multimillion-dollar industry, and its participants face a wide variety of legal needs. In many ways, […]

Cannabis crusader

Old-school activist and voting advocate John Frasure travels the state, visiting dispensaries and talking to Oklahomans about medical marijuana. “3 … 2 … 1. We’re live!” It’s a familiar salutation to those keeping tabs on the Oklahoma medical marijuana community via social media. Cannabis activist John “Old School” Frasure uses them to introduce his frequent […]

Legal papers

Attorney J. Blake Johnson has forged a formidable career representing Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry. Extract: Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself. J. Blake Johnson: Well, my name is Blake Johnson.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I’ve spent my life here, save several years spent in […]