Patient parents

Until recently, using cannabis was a dangerous situation for parents, and even more so if they were treating their child with it. Sierra Riddle is a different kind of cannabis parent. She made national headlines when her son, Landon Riddle, was dying of cancer and was the youngest cannabis patient in Colorado state history. Her struggle […]

Supercritical mass

CO2 extraction is a popular method for creating THC distillate for cartridges and edibles. Releaf Labs lab director Ariel Parson shows how it is done. Vape pens are ubiquitous in cannabis culture, with their popularity now rivaling that of raw cannabis flower. Many labs use a process known as supercritical CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction to […]

Clean eats

Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs educates cannabis consumers on cooking with cannabis at home. Tony Freitas started Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs as an educational and private chef service to teach patients how to incorporate cannabis into their nutritional plans, a personal mission for Freitas. He has used it to create customized healing protocols for his chronic […]

Military benefits

While some veterans have embraced medical cannabis, others still take a hard line on the substance. Independence Day has come and gone in the United States this year. For many Americans, the holiday is a time to gather with friends and family for a dip in the pool and gorge on grilled foods. But for the large […]

Business master

Stephanie Mathis uses her extensive business knowledge to run Steve’s Greens Cannabis + Wellness. Stephanie Mathis has now made a career out of doing what she used to get grounded for doing in high school. Mathis and her husband, Dustin, own Steve’s Greens Cannabis + Wellness, 6715 N. May Ave. It opened as a CBD store and […]

Cannabis activist

Norma Sapp has been working to decriminalize cannabis for 30 years. There is no one in the state of Oklahoma who has spent as much time trying to decriminalize, legalize and normalize cannabis as Norma Sapp. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Sapp moved to Oklahoma in 1979. She was married in 1980 and moved to a […]