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Mindi Stucks

There’s nothing like a little friendly cannabis competition, and no competition is friendlier than Cultivate OKC’s Nugget Cup.

The contest requires no entry fee and only a nominal amount of cannabis — a “nugget” — for the judges to sample. For February’s cup, there were 81 submitted samples.

“We took all of those and I took them all apart and labeled them so I was the only person who saw everybody’s name and what the strains were,” owner Chip Baker said. “I did so many I just kind of forgot, right? So we numbered everything. We took pictures of everything. So we’ve got some really high-quality pictures of all of your handiwork and they’re going to be up on our podcast site, The Real Dirt podcast.”

Mindi Stucks

A crowd of growers surrounded Baker, eager to find out where their flower placed among their peers as he explained the judging criteria.

“We had about 12 or 13 judges, and many of them were the employees here. And the thing about these guys and us is we get to see so much weed. We really become good at looking at it,” Baker said. “I’m always looking for the best weed and the most unusual weed, and I think these guys are all excited about it too. So we’d look at it by sight, and we’d just look at the color, the flower formation, the crystal count and the wow factor. Most people had like a one-to-five type of rating to go through this. And then everyone looked at the smell, which is the terpene profile, the fragrance, and if it had nostalgic-type quality because that’s one thing with cannabis is I’ll smell something and it’ll take me back to times and places. Like, ‘Fishing trip with Uncle John. That was a Grateful Dead show. That was behind the barn,’ and all those smells that you guys all remember. And we also touched it all because that’s a big part of cannabis is the touch, and we touched the nuggets and you can see the cure and the density when you do that, when you break it apart. Many other judgings are all related on THC, CBD and terpenoid profile, and while I think all that data is incredibly important and exciting … it’s the personal interaction, how we interact with the plant, that’s really what judges it. Out of 81 people, we immediately had about 12 people kind of float to the top on just appearance and smell.”

There were some honorable mentions, like the Blackjack flower that came directly from the shelf of Green Leaf Supply Co. Other notables include Angela Stevens, Ron Lack and Charles White, who all had strains that tested at 27 percent THC, along with a strain from Taylor Wilcher that had 22 percent THC and 8 percent CBD, the highest percentage of CBD among all the competitors.

Baker said he intended only to pick a single winner, but three nuggets stood out.

To quantify the THC and CBD in each nugget, they used a tabletop tester created by Purpl Scientific.

“About a month ago, we went to a similar thing in St. Louis, and we used the Purpl Scientific and contrasted it with our lab tests of stuff we knew was going on. And wow! The Purpl Scientific is great, man. It’s about 10 percent off. A little high. So we decided that we were going to test it under the Purpl Scientific and then just take 10 percent off the top,” Baker said.

Mindi Stucks

Winners all received grower packages from Cultivate OKC.

“One of the things about cannabis cups is people say, ‘Oh, you gotta let me prepare for it next time.’ Well, the thing that we try to do is a pop-up type of event and, man, if you got great weed, then you’ve got it all the time. And if you don’t have it this time, maybe you’ll have it next time,” Baker said. “I think it’s a disadvantage almost to get ready for something like this. We want strong performing growers. It’s like we’re all friends here. … One of the reasons we do this is I want everybody to have better weed.”

First Place

Noel Molina

Slurricane #2

THC: 21.6 percent

Second Place

Taylor Wilcher

Citradelic Cookies

THC: 21.6 percent

Third Place

Charles White

(of Crafted Cannabis)

Strawberry Eclair

THC: 27 percent

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