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Arbuckle wilderness

Phillip Danner

It turns out Arbuckle Farms isn’t in the mountains at all but rather tucked away in an industrial area near some railroad tracks.

The location’s placement is not uncommon, as many cannabis farms choose nondescript buildings in areas that are known for blue-collar work and are not on anyone’s foottrails.

Inside the building is a bustling farm full of top-shelf cannabis flower grown from the genetics of first-rate cultivators like Capulator and Mr. Soul. A pair of guys who secretly shared a love of cannabis and passed each other on their isolated smoke breaks as brothers-in-law, Ashton Barringer and Kris Pettigrew eventually also linked together on the business side to launch the passion product.

Quietly improving their product, Arbuckle Farms exploded onto the Oklahoma market earlier this year with its flagship strain, Miracle Alien Cookies #1, grown directly from Capulator’s stock. Meanwhile, the grow has also been cultivating a relationship with Mr. Soul, who has a 25-year cannabis genetics history as both the founder of Brothers Grimm seeds and is responsible for the perennially popular Cinderella 99 strain.

The first grow room you encounter is Arbuckle’s tester room, which it is running a half dozen strains in.

“What makes it a tester room is that we’re kind of doing a hybrid system. We’re starting in rockwool and we’re placing them in these 4-gallon Smart Pots and we’re using cocoa and we’re trying to elevate terpene profiles. This allows us to introduce beneficial bacteria into the growing medium to hopefully break down nutrients to go through the plant and give you better terpenes,” co-owner Ashton Barringer said.

The first flower room contains three strains, and the second flower room contains five strains.

“It’s pretty similar throughout all the rooms. We run several different strains, but we just do what we’ve got to do. But we’ve got some new stuff in this room. The other two rooms are kind of status quo right now, what we’ve kind of been running. Slowly phasing some of it out. It makes me cry a little bit,” Barringer said.

“We’ve only got so much room. We had a really amazing purple. We had Purple Urkel. It was phenomenal. Problem was her yield was like a 1:5 ratio on everything else. So we just couldn’t justify the space she took up,” co-owner Kris Pettigrew said.

But what Arbuckle is bringing to market is a new tester cross between GG4 and Cinderella 99.

“The Grimm’s Glue is new, brand-new. So I’m excited about that one. So we’re gonna be like, ‘Okay, well, we’ve got one with both,’ and we started phasing things out slowly but surely, and we’ve got some new gear from Capulator and from Seed Junky as well. We’ve got the MAC 1. We’re about to run a whole other room of MAC 1. Actually, what we just pulled down in this room was a few trays of MAC 1, so we’re going to keep that up a little longer, but we can only do a few trays at a time very sparsely,” grower Dan Wade said.

Phillip Danner

“She’s a slow vegger. She’s a bitch to get out of veg. I mean, she’s tough to get to flower. There’s a lot of people that have MAC 1 in Oklahoma. The issue is getting her out of veg. Most of the people I talk to are like, ‘I can’t grow her.’  And the ones that do grow her or are saying that they have MAC 1, I’d be willing to put my MAC 1 up against their MAC 1 and see if they actually have MAC 1,” Barringer said.

“Any that I’ve seen is not what we have; that’s for sure,” Pettigrew said.

Arbuckle’s other prize strain is Rosetta Stone. The sweetness of that new crop is unbelievable and should be available soon. But there is a lot in the works. Extract was permitted a chance to take a look at the upcoming strain release schedule in confidence, and connoisseurs and those needing medical relief should be equally pleased with the roster.

“Some things get phased out because we’re not happy with him even though they could be cross monsters. They could be excellent-smelling strains. But if it’s something that we’re generally as a whole, as a farm, we’ll come together and go, ‘Hey, look, is everybody happy with this?’ And if you get a couple nos and it’s like, ‘Well, let’s boot it. Let’s try something new,’” Wade said.

“There’s so many good strains out there, and that’s one reason we have to be selective with top strains like MAC 1. You’ve got to want to run MAC 1 and be patient with her and baby her. She’s a love/hate relationship,” Barringer said.

I’m sure you were wondering where the Arbuckles factor into any of this. But that’s another plan in the works.

Currently, they are experimenting with limestone-energized waters from an Alabama spring. If all goes well, Barringer said he will look into bringing in Arbuckle Mountains water from land that has been in his family for generations to water his 21st-century crop.

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