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Hemp-Heart Oatmeal

Chef Tony Freitas returns with an infused oatmeal with nuts recipe.

Hemp-heart oatmeal topped with spiced “phytonuts” and special honey.
Photo Alexa Ace

There is nothing quite like the bipolar switch in Oklahoma weather this time of year. Wearing shorts for warm fall days can end quickly with these days of bone-chilling wind blasts. The best warming fuels for my body are superfoods powered up with my favorite anti-inflammatory herbs sprinkled throughout. Once again, this month, you get three recipes in one with a base of hemp-heart oatmeal topped with spiced “phytonuts” and finished with a special honey I will tell you more about. For the infusion, I chose an unrefined coconut oil paired with a pinene-rich strain of cannabis. If you are not yet familiar with this terpene, it works best for allergies and congestion that can come with this Oklahoma autumn wind. Cannabis terpenes like pinene work the same way as the aromatherapy benefits of a walk in a pine forest. Just like the benefits of essential oils, cannabis can provide relief for breathing with this amazing part of the plant.

When it comes to “warming superfoods,” there are two aspects we should all consider. The warmth of herbs is something that often gets unnoticed, but if you eat a big dose of the spiced mix with these “phytonuts,” pay attention to how the anti-inflammatory properties can give you a nice boost. To be a considered a superfood, the common consensus is that it must be nutrient-rich with multiple potential health benefits and should help promote overall well-being. Honey, berries, green tea and nuts are commonly considered to be on this list of nutritional powerhouses.

You already know my favorite unknown superfood is cannabis, and I believe it is missing from most peoples’ kitchens. Hemp proteins contain essential omega-3s and in comparison are equivalent or greater than many other commonly agreed-upon superfoods. Hemp proteins, hearts and the oils can now be purchased in most grocery stores. The struggle with many of these nutritious hemp ingredients is how to make them a savory part of a flavorful experience. These recipes bring this plant into your kitchen in a few different ways that you can easily incorporate into your regular dishes.

Hemp hearts and their protein are a big part of why I can honestly say I eat cannabis three to five times a day. The benefits of this protein combined with an anti-inflammatory nutritional plan have been revolutionary for my patient story and getting my body into healing mode. Sometimes the protein powders don’t taste good or mix well, but this recipe should give you a new way to sprinkle it in while packing this dish with amazing flavors. I think it is one of those breakfast meals that can be perfect for the right moment at any time, day or night.

Bee Delightful’s Canna Bees Rescue Blend honey is used to top this hemp oatmeal.
Photo Alexa Ace

One of my favorite things about working as a chef in the cannabis industry is all the new treats I get to taste. Some brands represent the green and clean ingredients I prefer, and if foods taste good enough, they get a two-thumbs-up recommendation. Recently, I celebrated with my friends at OK Nice Cream, the original Chef Tony two-thumbs-up pick, as they won a High Times Cannabis Cup for their strawberry fruit bar. I am excited to share with Extract readers another green group that deserves this pick as well. Bee Delightful’s Canna Bees Rescue Blend honey is not only smooth and flavorful on the tongue but also a powerful superfood tag-team. Its campaign is Bee Delightful, and this chef’s secret is that it will make anything taste better and probably even brighten your day with either 250 or 500 mg of CBD in every jar. The flavor of the honey is the perfect sauce to finish this recipe, and it is also a great way to get more daily plant benefits working inside your body.

When I tell fellow Oklahomans what I do and how I eat cannabis multiple times a day, I usually get many interesting reactions and questions. I hear this often: “So, if you eat it three to five times a day, are you high all the time?” I usually explain that all depends on how you define “high.” The short answer is no. I am definitely not high all the time, and that is not even why I eat it. I eat green and clean foods as much as possible for energy and focus more than anything. Cannabis has improved my overall health and lifestyle by moving past illness and toward wellness. So, my friends, I challenge you to eat clean with cannabis to discover true wellness with me.

As an educator, consultant and the executive chef at Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs, which offers private chef services, nutritional coaching, catered cooking events and private parties in homes and businesses, Tony Frietas seeks to help people with proper information and forward-thinking solutions when it comes to clean nutritional planning.

Learn more about his mission on facebook (facebook.com/greenandcleanchefs) and instagram (@greencheftony) or
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