The Ultimate Medical Cannabis Resourse

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For some new or returning cannabis users, high levels of THC can be too much, prompting an anxious paranoia. Since most cannabis is bred to express higher levels of THC, the plants drive down CBD production, which can prompt discomfort. Try these high-CBD strains if you’re looking for painkilling or mood-lifting highs that might minimize negative side effects.

CBD Somango
A variant of the Somango strain that is bred for closer to a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, this gentle indica is an excellent ending to a long, stressful day. Sweeter smelling than most CBD-rich cannabis strains, the original cross is between Jack Herer and two Skunk varieties. While an indica-dominant strain, this one is calming and relaxing without dropping the smoker into a waking coma.

Probably the most popular of the high-CBD cannabis strains, this is the one that will seem the most familiar to those who have not taken a toke in decades. A descendent of Colombian Gold and landrace strains, this sativa-dominant hybrid looks, smells and tastes like weed used to (but minus the seeds and leaves, hopefully). The high levels of CBD take the edge off of the sativa aspects of this strain, while keeping you alert and lifted.

CB Dutch Treat
Another sativa-dominant hybrid that expresses higher levels of CBD, this one has a musky, peppery bouquet and flavor that usually carries more CBD than THC, while still providing enough for an ample high. Do not confuse it with the regular Dutch Treat strain, which boasts THC levels of between 15 and 25 percent. This one produces more of a body high than most sativa-dominant CBD-rich strains that people might find more enjoyable than something like Harlequin.

Pure Love
For a strong indica feeling without a ton of couch-lock, Pure Love might be your best bet. The 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC allows users to be able to test their limits a little bit without making themselves miserable. Since half of this strain is LA Confidential, it does taste and feel more like high-THC cannabis, while the X18 Pure Pakistani side allows the smoker to relax into a good, gentle vibe.

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