The Ultimate Medical Cannabis Resourse

October Editor’s Note

In recent months, the country has suddenly been afflicted by a mysterious illness known by many names or none at all, but most commonly referred to as “vaping disease,” that has resulted in more than 450 cases across the United States and a number of deaths. Until the end of September, the state of Oklahoma had gotten by unscathed, but Oklahoma State Department of Health has now identified at least four cases. While the cause is apparently black-market THC cartridges, the appearance of this disease has reverberated through not only the legal cannabis market, but the nicotine vaporizer market as well. Extract takes a look at what doctors and officials currently know, while Dr. Steven Ross has tackled the issue from his perspective as a physician. We will continue to cover this issue until it is identified and resolved (which we all hope happens sooner than later). Kaimbri White also gives us her thoughts on new Oklahoma medical cannabis licensure requirements and Chad Crow shares his experience as a (very) temporary worker in GrOKC’s Oklahoma City grow facility, while Matt Patterson reveals to readers how all these strains get their funky, colorful names. Tony Freitas also returns to our pages with a soothing smoothie recipe and his thoughts on raw cannabis and hemp and how it fits into our nutritional plans. Readers will notice two new features this month: a growers’ page showcasing photos of your Oklahoma cannabis grows, whether personal or commercial, and also the first piece resulting from a recently formed partnership with Leafly. We hope these new additions pique your interest. Next month, Extract shines a spotlight on a few of the activists (some of whom were outlaws or prisoners at one point in time) who have jumpstarted the booming legal cannabis markets in this country (whether medicinal or recreational) as well as another mysterious disease afflicting cannabis users. A final reminder: We will continue to be publishing photos of your beautiful plant ladies in our pages, so please keep sending them to the email address below along with the name of the strain pictured.

Matt Dinger
Managing Editor

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