The Ultimate Medical Cannabis Resourse

September Editor’s Note

To me, one of the most striking things about Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program is how many senior patients I have encountered getting doctor recommendations and browsing dispensaries. In this issue, Extract speaks to a couple women about their experiences returning to cannabis after a long hiatus and in lieu of prescription drugs as well as coming above ground to peruse the legal market. To that end, we have also included a “cheat sheet” of sorts with basic information and a small glossary that can be cut out and used as a reference. It pairs well with Matt Patterson’s primer on dispensary etiquette and Nikita Lewchuk’s walkthrough of the means for ingesting cannabis. Meanwhile, Dr. Steven Ross takes an even-handed look at youthful patients through a physician’s eyes while J. Blake Johnson and Extract sit down for a conversation about those left behind in the wake of the legalization of the medical application of cannabis in the state of Oklahoma. Mr. Mack himself, Greg Wilson, offers up an infused salad dressing recipe he has been tweaking and perfecting for years. I hope that with this issue and previous features, we have laid sufficient cornerstones for new cannabis consumers while also highlighting how different groups of people have benefitted from the plant. This month marks our sixth issue, and all the positive feedback means the world to us here at Extract, and many of these stories manifested due to requests. In that vein, feel free to reach out to me at the email address below if there’s a question that needs to be answered or a suggestion for something we should tackle within our pages. In future issues, we will learn how and why certain colors express themselves in different cultivars, take the pulse of the current cannabis legalization movement with a longtime activists and educators and learn how much it actually costs to get a legal cannabis business off the ground (and keep it in the black). Extract will also prick the surface of the mysterious ailment known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which causes some of the exact ailments in certain patients that it alleviates in others, as well as examine the mysterious ailment causing sickness and death that is apparently tied to black market vape cartridges.

Matt Dinger
Managing Editor

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