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July Editor’s Note

Most Oklahoma medical cannabis dispensaries offer some form of veteran discount, and for good reason. With injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) plaguing Americans long after they have left the war theater, many are finding relief of some degree from the plant. Extract spoke with two veterans about their experiences and the stigma still associated with cannabis largely due to federal prohibition. I met these two men and learned of their histories while reporting stories for The High Culture in Oklahoma Gazette and was impressed with their candor. They both graciously agreed to share their experiences with you.

This month, Extract welcomes medical columnist Dr. Steven Ross of MMDOKC to its pages with his insights on the importance of terpenes in medical cannabis. After speaking with him for our first cover story, I propositioned him to write his first piece of commentary for the layperson. He graciously but cautiously agreed. I am most impressed with the result, and I hope you are too. Legal analyst J. Blake Johnson takes a long look into the significance of branding on the industry side, something he specializes in on a daily basis for his work with Climb Collective.

Matt Patterson and Chad Crow explore two shifting areas of societal interest in the wake of cannabis legalization: sports and gun ownership. Renee Harper of Green Hope Wellness Clinic has helped thousands of Oklahomans get their medical cannabis licenses, so it’s only fitting that she has helped four generations of her own family acquire theirs. Chef Tony Freitas shares his recipe for a quick and easy pesto dip that is delicious with or without cannabis. If he looks familiar, it is likely because Freitas has provided infused dishes for many cannabis events around the state. He has agreed to return to these pages next month with a dessert recipe perfect for the end of summer.

For the next issue, Extract takes another look at the importance of terpenes while Dr. Ross explores the distinction between an indica and a sativa. Other topics include what upcoming “safety-sensitive” exclusions mean for employed patients and the perils parents who medicate with cannabis might face. Keeping true to our name, expect to see stories about extraction methods and concentrates in upcoming issues. It seems new methods of consuming cannabis are invented each month, and we aim to demystify the processes and the products while also taking lessons ourselves.




Matt Dinger
Managing Editor


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