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Championing women

Ringside Medical offers CBD and THC products geared toward women in its Women’s Corner.

from left Kaitie O’Grady and Robin O’Grady maintain Women’s Corner at Ringside Medical. | Photo Alexa Ace

When Ringside Medical, 14201 N. May Ave., Suite 205, opened for business in February, the medical cannabis dispensary staked its brand on the masculine ethos of former championship boxer and owner Sean O’Grady. But tucked inside the business is Women’s Corner, a small room that boasts an array of products geared specifically toward women that were hand-selected by the women of Ringside.

“We’ve seen a huge, huge benefit in all of this stuff, especially for the women, and to have that conversation out there on the showroom floor is a little weird, but back here, it’s kind of a comfort zone,” said Kaitie O’Grady, the wife of Sean O’Grady’s son, Chase O’Grady.

“Whenever Sean and I started to think about doing this, I started thinking, you know, with everything else in the news too, with women not being able to get in some positions and not advancing in their jobs and kind of being mistreated in certain ways, I wanted to showcase that women are just as strong and just as important in this business of cannabis as men are,” said Robin O’Grady, Sean O’Grady’s wife. “So that’s what I started brainstorming with Kaitie on: How can we make this women-powered? And so we came up with, How about if we come up with a line of products strictly for women and having an area that they can come in, feel comfortable, take their time, look at it, ask questions and not be embarrassed about? So that’s why we decided to do this.”

High on Love infused chocolate body paint
| Photo Alexa Ace

Women’s Corner showcases a variety of products, from bath bombs to personal lubricants.

Ringside carries a variety of Fitish products in the dispensary.

“Jenna Owens of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show in Dallas came up with this, and I love her whole idea behind it. It’s kind of like, ‘I want to be fit-ish. I want to eat the cookie and not feel bad about it.’ And she created this line on the Don’t Sweat It. It’s not CBD; it’s just a facial setting spray, but the Cool Down is a CBD spray that, if you go on her website, the testimonials on this alone is insane,” Kaitie O’Grady said. “I use it every single day. It has saved me tremendously. I have seborrheic dermatitis, which is inflamed when I eat tomatoes because I have an allergy to tomatoes. I, on a bad day, would be redder than an apple. Now I’m a light shade of pink on a horrible day, so this stuff has saved my life, so it’s easy for me to talk about it.”

Kaitie O’Grady said she recommended the spray to a patient who suffers from lupus. Women’s Corner has a curtain for privacy.

The Gold Q hemp-infused face serum
| Photo Alexa Ace

“She wanted to show Kaitie the sores that she has from her disease, so Kaitie was able to bring her in here, close this, she felt comfortable, they were able to discuss the sores. She’s been on a number of prescription drugs for a long time. They hurt her. They burned her. They don’t make her feel well,” Robin O’Grady said. “And they don’t fix her problem. They don’t get rid of the issue that she is taking all of these medications for. I saw her probably a week and a half to two weeks after her first time. She said she is off of every other cream or medication she has ever been prescribed in relation to the sores. And she was able to show me. They are not gone by any means after two weeks — I wouldn’t expect them to be — but they are starting to heal. She said they don’t itch her anymore. And she comes back and she buys this product every two weeks.”

Another popular line of products available at Ringside is The Gold Q.

I wanted to showcase that women are just as strong

and just as important in this business of cannabis as men are.”

Robin O’Grady


“Gold Q is a women-based topical cream, eye creams, helps with anti-aging, helps with the dark circles under your eyes — women-run company,” Kaitie O’Grady said.

Made with hemp oil, hemp seeds and stalks that have been cold-extracted, its topical cream is vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free. Ingredients also include aloe leaf juice, coconut oil and the terpenes limonene and linalool.

The Gold Q also makes daytime and nighttime formulas.

Fitish cool down mist
| Photo Alexa Ace

“High on Love is another women-run business,” Kaitie O’Grady said. “They are all about the sensual hemp-based products, so we have orgasm gels, we’ve got massage oils, chocolate body paint that has CBD in it, so it’s beneficial for both parties.

“Look at the products that are not men- or women-specific, but they are men-geared. They are geared to the male person, the packaging is not cute, it’s not women-enticing. It’s not friendly, and that’s what we wanted to avoid. We wanted to make sure that we incorporated products that were women-specific, that women would feel excited and comfortable to use, and I think we did a pretty good job at doing that.”

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