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CBD therapy

CBD producers are cornering the market with pain and beauty products.

Sweet Mary Jane is a line of CBD topicals
created by Dee Morales. | Photo Alexa Ace

Name a consumable product, and chances are there is a CBD-infused variety. In recent years, cannabidiol has swept the country, launching an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Lotions and balms are some of the more popular delivery methods, with popular products and boutique lines springing up.

CBD Plus USA founder Ryan Vicedomini moved into the CBD market in November 2017. The company has since spent that time in constant development, with more than 80 percent of the products it sells being manufactured by the company.

“The market has grown since 2017 when we started. So in ’17, you couldn’t find hardly anything that was worth a crap that was affordable,” Vicedomini said. “So now that the market has evolved, they’re starting to see some bigger names come into play, and the price points just don’t fit our business model. Our goal is to provide relief at an economical source.”

Topical cream is its best seller.

“Our lotion itself is our number one seller,” he said. “That pain cream, when mixed with the amount of CBD we put in there per ounce, there’s a lot of people getting instant relief. And they come back and buy it again and again and again. I mean, we’re going through thousands of gallons a month.”

The bath bombs also provide full-body relief in hard to reach places.

“It helps a lot with fibromyalgia. It helps a lot with arthritis. It helps a lot with muscle spasms,” said Josh Berner, the owner of a CBD Plus USA franchise in Tahlequah. “We have a lot of people that can’t rub lotion on themselves everywhere they want. So one of our 100-milligram bath bombs, you throw that in the water, you can soak for an hour or two hours. It’s like cryotherapy without all the coldness, essentially, because your body absorbs all of that CBD. Berner said he also has a customer who treats juvenile eczema with CBD.

“I have a girl that runs a daycare and had a bunch of kids that had eczema, and she gets our 40 milligram bars of soap and she’ll put that in there and the kids will put that over their eczema and it cures it right up,” he said.

Berner had a fresh tattoo at the time he spoke with Extract and was rubbing CBD salve on his arm.

“It’s coconut oil and CBD. That’s all that’s in there,” Berner said. “All you have to do on your tattoo is keep it hydrated, and so it’s perfectly clean. … There’s nothing that will infect it like you do with lotions with fragrances and stuff. I’m covered and this is the best stuff I’ve ever used in my life for tattoos. I’m kind of pissed I didn’t use it two years ago.”

Niche market

In contrast to the broad reach of companies like CBD Plus USA, there are also specialized companies operating in the market.




Beard Buzz is a line of CBD topicals for men created by Dee Morales. | Photo Alexa Ace

Dee Morales is the owner of two CBD topical lines, one catering to men, Beard Buzz, and another for women, Sweet Mary Jane.

“I was married to a physician, a family doctor for like 38 years. We got a divorce, but we were still good friends and we have three children together, and he was using CBD very effectively on his patients,” she said. “And we decided together to plan on putting out a small line of CBD products. So we decided on the name Sweet Mary Jane, and we pursued that. I went off on a trip and took my 91-year-old mom to England — that’s her home — and I noticed that every guy there had a beard, and I came back and I said ‘You know, let’s do a men’s line as well.’ He died in November, so I went ahead and made the decision to go ahead and carry on the line. I decided that if we’re going to do CBD stuff, let’s make it look pretty and let’s make it be in a pretty substance to deliver it. So I did a lot of research on skin care and worked with a chemist at this Oklahoma company to develop our products.”

Under the Sweet Mary Jane line, they currently produce a body lotion, a salve and an anti-aging cream. Beard Buzz products include a beard balm, a comparable salve and a body lotion in a stick form, like a deodorant.

“The men’s line was kind of important to me because, I mean, I’m with men in the worst conditions possible. You got tornadoes, and you know, you’ve been working for three days in a row and that kind of thing. And that kind of really made me go gung ho on the men’s line,” she said.

All of its products are produced in Oklahoma, and both lines launched at the beginning of 2019.

“I love that it’s made in Oklahoma,” Morales said. “I think that’s kind of important. Because I think there’s a lot of other outside sources here.”

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